The Aim's of the Society

  • To safeguard and perpetuate the traditions associated with the recreational long-bow.
  • To provide opportunities for members to shoot in the traditional  two-way style, at English Target and Clout Rounds, in a pleasant  and relaxed manner for the Society’s Awards and Medals and for private practice in the long-bow at target and clout.
  • To encourage the Craft and Skills associated with traditional Bowyery and Fletching.



The British Longbow Society (BL-BS) was founded in 1951 for the specific purpose of perpetuating the traditions associated with the recreational long-bow: that is the pursuit of excellence whilst shooting in the old, two way style; with bows made from nearly as practicable in the 19th century manner; at English target and clout rounds in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.  The society also encourages the craft and skills associated with traditional bowyery and fletching.

  1. “Archers, being Ladies and Gentleman, at all times conduct themselves in a seemly and sober fashion; their attire also being of a moderate and decent appearance, as befits the traditions and dignity of the Long-Bow.”,

  2. ,“Being considerate of each other, Archers make no disturbance which may upset another in the making of a shot. Not even a finger is laid upon another’s equipment without express permission; and the offer is made at once to pay for, or replace, any arrow belonging to another, which may have been broken or become damaged in consequence of one’s action.”

  3. “Equally, being mindful of their Target Captains duties, they take care that, before going beyond the target for the purpose of recovering arrows, they firstly declare their score in a clear manner. (NB: Arrows lying short of the target should be recovered before scoring commences).